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Privacy Policy

The purpose of the privacy policy document of this website is to establish the agreement that exists between the use and protection of the data received by users when using the services offered on the website. In other words, it can be said that the information provided will be used in accordance with what is established in this section.

Our commitment at all times is to ensure the safety of users by giving proper use of personal information. Always used in accordance with the terms described below. It is therefore important to mention that this document may be subject to revision, in order to be updated frequently. It is recommended that it be revised to continue to make the most of the portal experience.

Information requested by the website

It is possible that at any time the website requests personal data that will be used to continue the procedure performed by the page. As part of the information requested, the following elements may be requested:


The commitment of the page is strictly with the user or the customer. Therefore, we are obliged to strictly monitor the data and not reveal any information under any circumstances. These personal data are given the care, protection and respect they deserve, as we are aware that they may be vulnerable to attacks by malicious individuals.

However, it should be noted that the data may be disclosed if the user authorizes it or if requested by a higher government entity. At any time, it is specified that this data was obtained because the user provided it.

Using Information

The use of information in this hacking simulation system can have different purposes. By accepting the privacy policies and in case of provision of personal information, the site will use them to

In light of the above, it is important to note that the opinions of users and visitors are the responsibility of the person making the comment, not the page. However, if the comment does not respect the rules of respect and decorum towards the general public, the page reserves the right to delete the comment. To do so, it does not wait for the consent of any entity.

Information Control

The user should keep in mind that the control of the information remains in the absolute personal domain. For this reason, it is solely responsible for limiting and exposing the use of this data. On behalf of the site, it is guaranteed that this confidential information will not be disclosed or marketed without the consent of the user or through a legal order authorizing it

Use of cookies

The use of cookies is an essential part of the privacy policy. These are small amounts of data that are stored on the computer to improve the browsing experience. They allow us to recognize the user in order to offer a service adapted to his tastes and needs.

It is the user who decides whether to accept the use of cookies, knowing that this information may be used by advertisers for advertising purposes. It is not necessary to affect the use of the information provided on the page.

It is important to note that acceptance of the use of cookies does not imply the provision of private information or personal data.

There are different types of cookies. On this site, we use registration cookies, that is, they are produced when the registered user logs in to the web portal. When the use of cookies is accepted, it is possible to benefit from the following services:

Most browsers allow you to choose between accepting or refusing them. To do this, simply enter the browser menu and make the necessary adjustments. For example, in Chrome, you go to Settings, Advanced, Privacy, Website Settings and Cookies.

Third Party Links

On this website, it is possible to find links to third parties or to pages that work as advertising or advertisers. In case of access, this hack page loses all control over the content, information and management made on these sites

This is why we are exempt from all liability and conditions governing other websites. As a recommendation, it is advisable to know the general conditions they have established.

Anti-Spam Policy

The anti-spam policy is an essential part of the privacy policy. Spam is unsolicited information that comes in the form of messages or emails and is known as “junk”. Our site does not tolerate unsolicited communications. We strive to fully address and prevent these abusive practices.

Privacy Policy Update

It is necessary to clearly indicate to the general public that this website can modify, rectify, add or delete points of this agreement. This can be done at any time without notice. Therefore, it is the user’s responsibility to review the policies frequently.

The Privacy Policy is designed to ensure the security of users’ data. That is why we are attentive to the updates that are generated as a result of advances in technological attacks. User safety is our commitment.